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junior high school courses

Our Junior High School Courses develop a strong foundation in the skills and knowledge required for HSC

Main Performance Course (M.P.C)

  • Weekly lessons comprised of:

    • English

      • Reading Comprehension​

      • Grammar, Punctuation, Vocabulary & Spelling

      • Shakespeare

      • Essay Writing & Creative Writing

      • News Affair with Debating & Writing

    • Mathematics

    • Introductory High School Science

      • Chemistry​

      • Physics

      • Biography

Special performance courses(S.P.C)

Selective Transfer Test Prep

  • Weekly lessons with exclusive material comprised of:

    • English​

    • Mathematics

    • General Aptitude

    • Creative and Essay Writing 

Scholarship Test Prep

  • This is a highly individualised, and customised course where we monitor our students' progress and provide them with one to one consulting and exclusive material 

    • Contact us for more details​

Naplan Test Prep Club

I.C.A.S Test Prep Club

A.M.C Test Prep Club